Lake O'Hara and St. Mary's lakes by Saraporn Bamrungchart
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It’s that time of year again!
Baby turtles are hatching and covering our beaches with cute cute cute! But did you know that travelling from their clutches (nests) to the ocean can be a dangerous ordeal for these little guys?
Baby sea turtles face both natural dangers and man-made dangers during their journey across the sand, on their way to the warm Gulf waters.
The biggest danger for these brave babies may include the high risk of being eaten by birds, or being poached by humans.
In order to protect these beautiful little creatures, a group of volunteers have built a human wall to guide the baby turtles back to the sea!
We salute you, you kind, caring people. The world needs more hearts like yours.
rsmsl photography
You're my idol: fighting (fought?) against an eating disorder, passionate about your studies and job, fucking beautiful, and extremely kind. You're an absolutely wonderful person and I just wanted you to know that

Wow, this is making my day! Was not expecting a message like this :3

Thanks so much. I’ve pretty much won the war on my eating disorder but of course there are good and bad days. I hope if you have one yourself that you are beating it’s ass too :)

Thank you so much for being so unbelievably sweet! :D

hope your foot gets better!xx

Awh thank you :D xx

Back home now. I badly damaged the soft tissue in my foot and sprained it. I’ll be on crutches for 3 weeks :( #hopalong #girl #on #crutches
what happened? :/

I was walking to work and there was this dip in the grass that I was crossing and my foot went right down into it and twisted over on itself.

I got to work and tried to keep working but then the pain set in and I started to cry sooooo… THAT was embarrassing :P

But then they sent me home and I went to the hospital and yeah! Waiting for the results of my xrays now :/

(also, followed back! You have a cool blog!) :)

Today is not turning out as planned!!!
This morning i told mam that I didn’t want to go to work.
Be careful what you wish for.

Shark Week by Bo Bridges