Am I dreaming?!
One of my fav blogs if following me dudes. I feel pretty tumblr famous right now.

And now back to your regularly scheduled dashboard.

Haha you’re so sweet! Well, I think your posts will fit in really nicely on my personal blog - so welcome my following list! :D lol




Awwh you cutie :P haha.

Us Irish gals gotta stick together ;)

Hi, lovely! I made you a little banner thing - I hope you like it c:

:O :O How did you DO that!? It’s the cutest banner I’ve ever seen!!! I want to frame it and hang it on my wall :3
Oh seriously though, I love this SO much! I can’t say thank you enough! Wow! :’D  <33

… Omg :L hahaha!
Hi there :P





lol mini fangirl porque i love your blog ok 

Hahaha! That’s so cute :P and that jelly bouncing gif is my fave one ever! Good job ;D haha

I kinda suck at making gifs but I hope you will like it ;)

Omg it’s awesome!! Wow! :D That’ll be me soon :’) haha.
Awwwh I love it so much! Thank you :D

Here you go ^^”

ELLIOTT! I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS!! :O I want to use that shark on something! Awwh it’s so cute and beautiful omg :’)

I saw someone made you a gif but it was a crocodile, so because I was bored I made you a shark one aha

Omg where are all these coming from!? :O They’re SO freaking cool! :O
Oh wow this is actually amazing!! I want to stick these on my blog somewhere haha!
Thank you SO much! Woooooow! :D

fangif?sorry it’s an alligator and not a shark ):

Woah this is SO cool! :O
Omg thank you so much! It’s AMAZING!! :O

At least if the world ends I can die happy:’))) omg ily

Awwh that’s so cute :L haha. ily back :)

Thresher shark for Cat o:

:O :O OMG it’s so cool!!! Ahhhh thank you thank you thank you :’)

Cat hi!! Look what I found while playing Black Ops 2 :P

LOL! Omg this makes me smile :L Go Black Ops 2! :P Thank you Cyn xD
Thank you SO much Cazziie for this AWESOME fan pic! I love it :’3

I hope you like it~

Oh…my…god! I seriously can’t express how much I love this!!! :’D
You even put in the little egg sac!! :3
Awwwwh I love love LOVE IT!!! :’)

Hey :D So, I thought I’d make you somewhat of a fan sign. It’s not great, but I hope you like it [:

Omg it’s SOOOoooo beautiful! I love it, thank you :D